Lucky Orange
Lucky Orange
Knoxfield Soap

Lucky Orange

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Knoxfield soaps are natural and vegan, handmade using the traditional cold process method. Soap bars are hand cut and weighs approximately 100g.

Orange is the colour of luck and happiness, not only in traditional Chinese culture, but this bright and radiant colour bears the same meaning in Western culture as well.  Lucky Orange is composed of beautiful swirls of Orange and Coral, festively decorated with gold swirls at soap top. This bar is naturally scented with sweet orange essential oil and cedarwood essential oil, a combination of vibrantly sweet and calming woodiness tone, luxuriously formulated with cocoa butter to nourish and heal your dry skin.

Let's send your family & friend a heartfelt wish of luck and happiness with Lucky Orange and other New Year soaps!

Ingredients: Saponified olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, canola oil, sweet valencia orange essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, mica, and water.

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