About KS

Hi, I'm Edith, the soap crafter behind Knoxfield Soap. Welcome!

Soap is a scientific serendipity. According to historians, animals were sacrificed and burnt as offerings to God on mountaintops by the ancient Roman, subsequently the animal fat, wood ashes and rainwater went down the mountain to the Tiber River, combined with the claylike soil and formed soap!

I am always intrigued by the randomness of life as well as the plasticity of the smallest functional unit of all living organisms - the cell. To satisfy my curiosity, I eventually became a cell biologist investigating the many mechanisms that fuel the cancer cells' aggressiveness. It was an exciting journey, life takes unexpected turns though, after 12 years of cancer research I walked out of the field and became a stay home mom of 2 kids - and this is only the beginning of the many dramatic changes of my life. As my kids grow up, I figure I have more and more spare time to pursue what interests me as well as taking up new challenges. So one day I was looking at this empty container on my land, in Knoxfield Melbourne, and the idea of turning it into a soap laboratory popped up! Then I researched on soap making - internet, library, asking my friends who are experienced in soap making a lot of questions, designed my recipes, picked the best oils/butters/food-grade ingredients from local supplies, and cooked my first batch of soap!

I have designed various collections of premium handmade soaps for different skin types and needs, and I enjoy creating different looks for the same recipe - to make each artisan soap bar unique and special, to offer you a little bar of luxury and a natural nourishing bathing experience. 

*** Knoxfield Soap * Since 2018 ***