Lavender Calming Salve
Lavender Calming Salve
Lavender Calming Salve
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Lavender Calming Salve

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I planted a small lavender in my backyard and a year later it grows and blooms!

The beautiful lavender inspires me to craft this Lavender Calming Salve with 3 simple and natural ingredients: 

Lavender infused extra virgin olive oil, beeswax and Lavender essential oil.

The extra olive oil extracts all the anti-septic and anti-inflammatory goodness from our homegrown lavender (organic and pesticide free!) then blended with Australian beeswax to give it a solid texture, it hydrates skin, soothes dry skin and treats minor cuts and abrasions.

The salve is scented with lavender essential oil that relax and calm you, relieve you from any tension and restlessness built in the day - simply massage your temples and limbs with this wonderful calming salve before you sleep.

Approx. Net weight: 40g

Store in cool place.

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