Spring is here!

It's September! Spring has arrived, plants are sprouting in my backyard, beautiful blossoms from fruit trees - lemon, goji berry, nectarine, plum, cherry... animals are actively building homes, fortunately we don't have many Magpies and possums around...

Temperature is rising and it does make soaping easier, after all saponification is a chemical reaction and temperature is always critically affecting the behaviour of oils and butters and the rate of reaction per se.

We have created a couple of new products in August, including the very cute Fruity Bars - perfect for party givebacks, super-food Spirulina Tea Tree Healing Bar - for tackling pimples troubled skin and Athelete's Foot and the very artistic scented counterpart of our best selling Charcoal Swirls - Charcoal Minty. Samples bundle is now available for customers who would like to try before getting a standard size soap bar, each bundle offers a random composition of 2 scented recipes and 1 unscented recipe, altogether weigh no less than 130g.

I believe September will be another month of surprises as I have crafted in mind a couple of Carnival series soaps, which will make very special gift for your friends and yourself of course!

In September, purchase of any 2 or more soaps (excluding samples bundle) will receive a bar of Rose Passion as compliment - one of our best sellers, romantically scented with Rose Geranium and Bergamot essential oil and decorated with Persian rose petals, ain't it just the soap for Spring?!

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